First Visit:

Unless there is a dental emergency that requires us to focus on treating a specific problem for you, your first appointment will typically be with one of our friendly and skilled dental hygienists. We kindly ask that you bring all paperwork filled out ahead of time so we can keep your wait to a minimum.

These are the documents you will need for each patient:

  1. Medical Health History (age 12 and older)
  2. Child Medical Health History (age 11 and younger)
  3. Patient Information Form
  4. HIPAA Acknowledgement Form
  5. Payment Policy Form

If you have dental insurance, please bring all insurance information including your dental card, contract number, name & address of the employer and name & address of the dental insurance company so there is no delay in filing your claim for you. Most dental insurance policies have deductibles and co-payments which you will pay at the time of service.

Once you are seated to see the hygienist, she will begin to establish official dental records for you to include appropriate radiographs (x-rays films) for your age and dental needs. If you are coming from another dental office and already have current radiographs (within the past year), please have copies forwarded to our office prior to your visit, or bring them with you the day of you appointment. If they are of acceptable diagnostic quality, we may be able to use them instead of having to repeat taking those records. The hygienist will also evaluate your periodontal (gum and bone) health.

Next, you will meet the dentist and his assistant to complete your very comprehensive and thorough examination.

The purpose of the exam is to:

  1. Diagnose any pathology (disease or problems) that may exist.
  2. Establish a baseline or record the way your teeth and gums exist today as a reference for possible changes in the future.
  3. Create official dental records.

Often at the end of the examination, you can view any problem areas, seeing exactly what the doctor sees on the television monitor, thanks to the miracles of modern technology - the intra-oral camera. This camera is an extremely effective communications tool that allows the doctor to show the problem areas, discussing treatment options and recommendations and to answer any questions you might have.

We not only evaluate the health of your teeth, but also your jaw joint and your soft oral tissues (gums, tongue, neck, cheeks, lips) as part of an oral cancer screening. If any problem areas do exist, the doctor will discuss with you various options to treat those problems, and a well thought-out treatment plan is developed and prioritized. This treatment plan is extremely helpful to have so we can treat certain areas first so they don't become more costly to treat later, and at your request we are able to submit a "predetermination of dental benefits" to your insurance company, listing exactly what we plan to do. The insurance company will, usually within 2-3 weeks, send you an itemized listing of exactly what we plan to do, what our fee is, the portion they will pay and the portion of your co-payment --- so you can know everything upfront before treatment even begins.

If you have no dental insurance, you may request a written estimate based on that treatment plan so you know everything in advance. Once we have a treatment plan established, your journey to achieving the dental health you desire can begin!